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Wiesenhof Coffee Roastery promises that only the finest 100% Arabica beans are used in our blends, ensuring uncompromised quality and unrivaled cup profiles.  Our coffees are genuine “speciality grade” coffees.

Offering a consistent, unique, exceptional coffee experience, our gourmet coffees are some of the smoothest and most flavourful coffees available.  Our blends vary from simple and mellow to complex and bold.

Why do we create blends?  The blending technique utilises beans with different character and fuses them to create a unique flavour.  By blending, we are able to tailor several different coffee flavour profiles to suit each individual customer’s desire for all year-round enjoyment.

Roasted via a fluidized bed (air flow) process to ensure the most accurate flavour development, our roast master produces premium coffee with consistent results, time after time.

Premium means that with all the assembled passion, the best flavour is always in the cup.  It is all about the flavour – nothing else matters.

At any time, you will find bags of green beans in our Roastery from regions like Costa Rica, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Brazil, Columbia & Guatemala (to name a few) and utilised in our various gourmet blends on offer to you.

Why not try our exquisite range of single origin coffees; roasted to perfection every time.  Our current range consists of Rwanda Nkora (microlot), Nicaragua Cortes and Brazil Single Estate Serra Negra Cerrado.

Why settle for a second grade coffee?  Using only the world’s best beans, sourced from far and wide; roasted and blended for unmatched perfection in every cup, we guarantee each sip will confirm a superior tasting.  Let the fragrance, aroma, acidity, body and taste of our coffees guide you to a memorable experience.


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