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Wiesenhof Barista Equipment Bag

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This beautiful Vanguard bag is branded with Wiesenhof Logo. The bag contains all the essential professional tools a barista requires to produce a delicious hot beverage. The durable bag allows the barista to store all his tools in a compact and secure format. This beautiful bag contains a Pallo Coffee Brush, Spare Bristle 3 Pack, S/Steel Blind Filter, Rubber Blind Filter, Cleaning Detergent 900g, Grindz 430g, Coffee Scale, Pallo Caffeine Wrench, Tamp mat with corner, Pallo Grinder Minder, Milk Thermometer, Tamper Holder, 2 x Shot Glasses, Stainless Steel Tamper, 600ml Frothing Jug, Coffee Timer, Dosing Spoon, Pallo Steamy Wanda

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