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Wega Concept Green Line

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Thanks to it’s innovative software, the Wega Concept has the ability to memorize the workload of the machine, thus adjusting the work and standby functions accordingly.

The multiple boiler technology, apart from the energy saving function which distributes power to the individual boilers only when required, guarantees an increased thermal heat stability of the coffee brewing boilers, giving us a perfect espresso.

The function of the nocturnal standby mode, combined with the MBT and SLS technology, allow the Wega Concept to obtain a certified energy saving of 47,6% during the nocturnal rest period, and of 30% during the operational period (relative to an average weekly consumption of 15kg of coffee).

Volumetric programming of 6 different doses per group. Independent boilers for each group, with temperature for each group being controlled at both group boilers, group heads & dedicated steam boiler. Volumetric programming of 2 hot water doses with a cold water mixer. Hot water is taken direct from cold water supply which is heated via steam supply. Standard raised 122mm group heights.

Rental Options available. Rental periods of 36 months.. All rental options are based on client signing a contract and pre-approved clients only.

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